A returning member (2018). Life long learner, baby boomer acute procrastinator. Media Freelancer. Graduate of Ashford University /Business /Journalism degrees.

Excerpts From Excerpts Stories That Manifest Themselves

What abomination of injustice will I witness are endure today? My tolerance threshold has been forced to the limits of human or humane tolerability. We have had POTUS figures who enacted and practiced blatant racial, political, and misogynistic policies. Since the results of…

Who? gives a F — — — K what white people think

The Older I Get, The More Vexed I Become.

This colorful narrative assessment delineates race relations, civil rights, White Privilege, and systemic racism. Senior black citizens like myself continue to envision the burly white police chief ordering the physical abuse of young black kids (colored kids) as we were called…

Racism Weakens a Democracy.

America, the good old USA was founded by men, white men (no women). White men who thought in white supremacy narratives. White men who were slave owners. These founders of this new republic will declare itself a democracy where all men (no women) are created equal…

How did black Africans become negroes and colored people in white America

roy roper

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